Luxury Travel At The Best Form

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Tips To Find Your Rental For The Vacation

Are you bored of always staying in resorts and the like for the duration of your vacation? It might seem like a surprising thought at first, but for many travellers who are looking for adventure and unforgettable experiences, a stay at the average resort might be somewhat dull. This is where holiday rentals come in – coming in as an attractive and to boot, inexpensive alternative to resorts, many tourists have taken to book an apartment, a bungalow or a tiny little house for the duration of their stay. That being said, unlike resorts, it is difficult to exactly know whether a certain place is good or not; after all, there are no reviews to guide you or give you an idea of what to expect (save for maybe, a few images and the words of the renter). Here are a few tips to make sure you are not left surprised when you reach your rented property this summer:

Have the owner ready basic essentials – unless you want to enter the washroom in a hurry only to find out there is neither toilet paper nor soap available once you set foot at your rented property, it might be best to confirm with the owner beforehand. Hotels always have your basic necessities readied (and if not, you can easily get them from the front desk or the like), but with rented properties, you might have to run to the nearest supermarket sometimes. There are plenty of renters who provide no living essentials or supplies. There is nothing wrong with this, but you definitely need to know in case this is the issue. And there is nothing wrong in requesting the owner to stock the bathroom beforehand either, so ask this question well ahead of time. Visit  for Palm Cove holiday apartments.

Depending on when you arrive, have a meal ready – there can be many circumstances where you might end up at your Cairns family holiday packages with no food. For example, you might arrive late at night or at a time between breakfast and lunch when you can find no viable dining options. This is often the case if you travel to more rustic villages and towns which have no prominent restaurants or supermarkets open twenty-four hours a day. You obviously do not want to starve in such cases, so you might want to ask the owner to leave something in the fridge, or a small breakfast basket if you will arrive at such hours.

Kitchen essentials – a main reason why many prefer to rent an apartment or a house for the duration of their holiday is because these offer kitchens. Families and individuals who prefer to eat home-cooked food often stay at rentals, for example. Whilst most owners are aware of this, it might be a very rude awakening to find there are no cooking utensils or supplies when you get to the kitchen, so make sure to also confirm this.

Plan A Trip To Palm Cove

Palm Cove of Queensland is a beachside destination in Cairns which is named so because of the palm tree lined beaches that are the prime attraction of this region. As winter continues in most parts of the country, Palm Cove, part of the Far North Queensland off the Australian coast, can provide a summer break during the holidays. The Arlington reef, part of the Great Barrier Reef, lies offshore of Palm Cove and shelters inshore waters of the Coral Sea as well as creates calming waters of the beaches. There are other tourist attractions here such as Macalister Range National Park which is a World Heritage Area of the Wet Tropics. Most tourists come here to enjoy the tropical climate with summer temperatures between 24 and 33 degrees and winter temperature ranging averaging around 20 degrees.

Accommodation options
Hoteliers and resort owners are several in this area and each provides unique Cairns accommodation options. To make the most of these options it is best to look at package deals. These usually include inclusive deals that combine night stays along with meals or breakfast; other special amenities are also added such as pickup and drop as well as free nights. You have varied options here such as a Beach Club, Sea Temple Palm Cove, Island View apartment and so forth. Hence, one can pick and choose between resorts offering club amenities; self serviced apartments, hotels or stand alone homes.

How to make a choice?
With several properties and accommodation types ranging from luxury accommodation port Douglas to budget hotels, you can opt for a property as per your budget and preference. You could also set criteria such as ease of access from the airport and the city center, number of bedrooms you require, additional amenities like the inclusion of meals and other recreational facilities. With several diverse facilities offering a range of choices, travelers to Palm Cove are spoilt for choice.

What to see?
The things to see and do in Palm Cove are several. The Great Barrier Reef is the principal place of attraction here; there are different kinds of tours one can take of this region such as a scenic helicopter tour. The other places to visit are the Cairns city, Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, Hartleys crocodile farm and so on. You could also choose your preferred place to stay such as the Palm Cove jetty area where most fishing enthusiasts like to gather. There are different kinds of activities in the sun and sand as well as in the waters that tourists can engage in to have a fun filled holiday here.