Melbourne Must See Landmarks

City of culture, coffee, color and contrast, Melbourne is widely regarded as one of the best cities,x not only in Australia, but also on the world stage. As a frequent contender for the title of “World’s Most Livable City”, it is an urban city that still retains some sense of a small town, with an emphasis on artistic culinary art, quality and much historical architecture to explore. In this article, we’ll analyze the top 10 experiences and places to visit during your visit to Melbourne to help you make the most of your visit to this vibrant and vibrant capital. We try to cover the attractions and places of interest for a wide range of tastes, however, regardless of your interests, all these elements are worth a visit during your time in the capital of Victoria. In the same way one of the best tourist’s spots are available at great ocean road 12 apostles tour. 

Eureka Skydick
Located at 7 Riverside Kwai, Southbank, and Melbourne, Victoria 3006. MT Buller day trip is also considered to be the best option to spend vacations in Melbourne.

St. Paul’s Cathedral
Located at Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC. The St. Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne was built in 1868 as a magnificent Gothic-style building, built in 1868 as a place of worship for members of the Catholic parish faith. The cathedral itself is huge and well maintained, emitting a sense of inspiration that can only be described as valid to visit its way, conveniently located close to Melbourne’s main shopping areas and other landmarks such as Union Square and Flinder Street Station (it’s on the other side of the street, in fact). The glorious interior of the building is fascinating in its beauty, with many opportunities for people with photographic mileage to capture some wonderful shots of banks and wooden towers carefully crafted. It intersects history from every corner of the church, and gives the golden yellow light through which you feel a real sense, whether religious or not, you can certainly feel at entry.